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Do you ski off piste?

Would you like to understand the risks and know how to manage them so you can stay safe and have more fun?

We have discovered that if you enter avalanche terrain and do not apply good risk management then it can be as risky as base jumping. However if you apply good risk management, then you can make it no riskier than driving to the resort.

Watch Henry in this video where he explains the HAT approach to managing the risk and how we can help you to have more fun and stay safe at the same time.

Here are 5 ways we can help

Free practical advice

Discover our Accident Reduction Framework, get our snow reports, read our free articles, watch our live broadcasts, and follow the HAT blog for the latest insight and advice.

Avalanche talks

Attend our talks to learn how to apply the Accident Reduction Framework so you can make going off piste no more risky than driving to the resort. You can come to live events or via Zoom webinar

Transceiver training

Join one of our sessions so that if the worst happens, you are well prepared. You will learn how to locate a victim in 5 minutes and dig them out in 15 minutes using the transceiver, shovel and probe.

On snow courses

Come skiing with Henry Experience the off piste and learn how to apply the HAT checklist and risk management on the snow. Discover the amazing off piste terrain in Val d’Isere and Tignes.

Safety is Freedom webinar, Henry's Avalanche Talk


Henry delivers free webinars on topical subjects around managing your risk off piste.

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What is the Risk of Riding in Avalanche Terrain?

Henry's next webinar will address this question Bruce Tremper discussed this in a blog back in 2009. Click here to read that blog.  Henry will examine this question in a new webinar that we will broadcast in October 2023. ...

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Avalanche Rescue Training with the Pros

Avalanche Rescue Training with the Pros

Training and a Memory Aid for Successful Companion RescueHenry's Avalanche Talk was recruited by Val d'Isère & Tignes to run the companion rescue section of their avalanche training programme during a 'VIP weekend' this past April.'Companion rescue' training shows...

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Spring skiing tips, Ski the Smooth

Spring skiing tips, Ski the Smooth

  Here are some ideas about how to have fun and be safe on spring snow! Understand 'melt-freeze cycles’ and have fun with spring snow!   Melt-freeze Cycles A melt freeze cycle is when cold dry snow melts in the sun/heat during the day and then freezes at night. Once...

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