Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT) is a team of off-piste and avalanche awareness professionals. We are committed to helping all skiers and boarders enjoy the freedom of the whole mountain. Our goal is to help everyone stay safe and have more fun off-piste.

Henry Schniewind, off-piste guide, Founder Henry's Avalanche Talk

Henry Schniewind

Henry is an internationally renowned snow and avalanche expert who studied avalanche forecasting as part of a Geology degree in the United States and then moved to the French Alps where he works as an off-piste ski guide and director of  Henrys Avalanche Talk.

Chris Radford, Director Henry's Avalanche Talk

Chris Radford

Chris is an entrepreneur and keen offpiste skier who has always been focused on clear communication during his career. Chris is the business side of Henry’s Avalanche Talk and uses his marketing expertise to ensure the HAT message spreads far and wide.

Liam Luke off-piste Ski instructor, Val dIsere, HAT trainer

Liam Luke

Liam has been skiing since he was three years old. With a growing love of the mountains he pursued this to become a BASI Level 4 ski instructor. Liam has now been living in France for 8 years and working with Henry’s Avalanche Talk for 6 years.

Susie Amann International Mountain Leader and HAT trainer

Susie Amann

Susie is a UIMLA International Mountain Leader, and volunteer Ski Club of GB leader who delivers our transceiver training courses. She has been hooked on skiing since she was 11, and loves adventurous journeys on skis, especially getting off the beaten track.

Caroline Elliott, off-piste, ski patroller, avalanche professional, HAT

Caroline Elliott

Caroline, passionate about the mountains, started working in ski patrol rescue in 2003, beginning her career in Australia. Upon arriving in France she re-trained in the profession; specializing also in snow studies and as an avalanche search and rescue dog handler after completing her training in 2012 with the ANENA. Caroline is keen to help people become more mountain-aware and with all her hands-on experience, is a valuable member of our team.

George Stoy, off-piste, ski instructor, hat trainer

George Stoy

George is a professional surf coach and alpine sports instructor, having worked for the Swiss National Ski School for many years. When he is not riding waves or mountains, he can often be found leading transceiver training courses for HAT or delivering one of our talks.

Roddy Clarke, off-piste, snowboard instructor, val disere, hat trainer

Roddy Clarke

Roddy has a background in high-level competitive sports, including racing motocross and water skiing for Scotland. Passonionate about off-piste snowboarding, Roddy is a BASI ISIA snowboard instructor and has been delivering HAT talks and training events for over 10 years. 

Louise Forrest, Henry's Avalanche Talk off piste

Louise Forrest

Louise loves the great outdoors and getting away from it all with a bit of ski touring. A keen recreational off-piste skier, she will help you with your skiing enquiries and on snow course bookings, as well as attempting to organise Henry’s work schedule.

Fjord, off-piste rescue dog, avalanche rescue


A  flat coated retriever, trained since the young age of 3 months, passing his avalanche search and rescue qualifications in 2012. A fully integrated member of the specialized mountain rescue unit of the French Fire and Rescue Service with his mistress Caroline….