New Webinars 

  • Why do so many experts and snowsports professionals get killed in avalanches?
  • How can ‘ordinary’ holiday skiers protect themselves from the danger posed by avalanches?
  • Why by applying some basic rules, skiing off-piste doesn’t have to be any more dangerous than driving a car on the ‘safe’ UK road system

And as a bonus session

  • How is climate change impacting snow and avalanche safety conditions in the Alps?

Henry is presenting some of our latest thinking and approach to off-piste safety and awareness in three webinars over the next three weeks. They take place on Mondays at 1800 on the 10th, 17th and 24th October. You can register for each event here.

Each event is the same, so you only need to attend one of them


Why come, what we will discuss

The avalanche education professionals have now learned that education is not enough. Why do so many accidents also happen to people who have been educated? Why did they or one of their group end up triggering an avalanche? The challenge for educators is to help people to apply what they learn, to spot the warning signs when a group may be headed into danger.

You need tools so that you can apply what you learned and stay out of trouble.

Join Henry for a discussion and an opportunity to see the tools and advice we will be offering off-piste skiers in our training this Autumn.

We will also give everyone a chance to test their avalanche awareness and off-piste safety knowledge in a light-hearted fun way.

This is what happens at the event

  • Join avalanche expert Henry Schniewind for an exclusive live media session on Zoom
  • Get up to date on the latest best practices when it comes to avalanches safety
  • Test yourself on your own knowledge of avalanches and avalanche safety
  • Hear about how climate change might be impacting snow conditions and avalanche activity in the Alps and beyond

When: three opportunities

Monday October 10th, 6pm UK time
Monday October 17th, 6pm UK time
Monday October 24th, 6pm UK time

Avalanche education is not enough, off piste skier

Monday 10th October @ 1800

Avalanche education is not enough, off piste skier

Monday 17th October @ 1800

Avalanche education is not enough, off piste skier

Monday 24th October @ 1800

Some background reading

Henry wrote a detailed blog entitled Nothing Happens … most of the time that discusses his views on the relevant research on what we will cover in the webinar.

Click here for the blog

Recording of webinar on 10th October

This is a raw recording of the event on Monday 10th October. henry covers everything we describe on this page

Ortovox UK Off Piste Awareness Tour

You can get details of our events around the country in Glasgow, London, Milton Keynes, Poole, Wimbledon, Tamworth, Bristol and Manchester by look at these links below

Essentils talk off piste skiing

The Essentials Talk

A must see talk, full of ‘essential’ information for all off-piste skiers, no matter how experienced you are.

It is crucial that you attend an Essentials talk before going to the In depth talk


Off piste ski tourers In depth talk

In-depth Talk

For those who have seen an Essentials Talk at least once and have experience of off-piste skiing. These talks are an in-depth look at specific subjects: Henry will explore how and why avalanches are triggered and then go in-depth into how to make decisions and reduce risks.

Avalanche Transceiver Training

A practical session in the UK where you learn how to use a transceiver, shovel and probe to locate a victim in 5 minutes and dig them out in 15 minutes
This will be face to face, live and outdoors. We will be in Wimbledon, Sandbanks Poole, and Manchester.