Meteo France just put the avalanche danger rating up to 5 on North Facing slopes in the Haute Tarentaise and all slopes in other Savoie regions.

Haute Tarentaise

Here is a translation of their words. This is strong language for the Haute Tarentaise. The risk level is also 5 in all other regions of the Savoie and level 4 in the Haute Savoie.

Other Savoie regions Bauges, Beaufortain, Maurienne

Northern part of the Haute Tarentaise (Bourg-St-Maurice-St Foy): Heavy snowfall is expected in the next 24 hours, favoring a generalized instability of the snowpack over 100 to 150cm (and fragile layers below). Also in the southern part of the Haute Tarentaise (Val d’Isère-Tignes) with 60 to 80cm. Light snowfall at the beginning of the period then heavier. The high wind of SOUTHWEST could deliver a period of spontaneous avalanches, especially between 03h and 15h approximately, the maximum danger around 09-15h, then we should have a noticeable improvement the evening after 18-21h, at least under 1700 meters. Powder avalanches (more numerous in the north) often of large size can start spontaneously during the snowfalls and may touch roads, even at low altitude, exposed dwellings and ski slopes.

For skiers, the conditions become untenable for the practice of the off-piste or snowshoe with a very high risk, even at low altitude. Prudence (maximum north) tomorrow in your ski trips or other – (Thierry Arnou).