A new Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT) off-piste and ski touring ‘Essentials’ this Autumn: on tour and on line. Practical accident reduction points you can apply right now – see this video introduction to our ‘Essentials Talk’ 2022 .

For everyone interested in off-piste and ski touring, this video contains a few simple points to help you significantly reduce your chance of having an avalanche accident. It also briefly gives a more complete set of accident reduction points that, if applied, can help you stay as safe around avalanche terrain as the risks we encounter in our everyday activities, like driving a car .

The goal is our mission: to help you to make the most of your time in the mountains. Designed for all levels: it’s a starting point for beginners; a risk management guide for those more experienced; and a great training tool for professionals.

You can use the video and its featured accident reduction ‘framework‘ to help with other training courses as a way of focusing/remembering the key points that impact accident reduction. It’s even helped trainee ski instructors pass their ‘Mountain Safety’ and ‘International Mountain Safety’ courses – see Testimonials below.

The Framework marks the theme of our new series of talks and training this Autumn and beyond. HAT will be delivering The ORTOVOX Off Piste Awareness Tour in the UK, with live talks and transceiver training sessions.

The framework approach serves as a great memory aid. It helps you apply the key accident reduction points. This year’s talks are focused on the HAT Accident Reduction Framework and everyone who attends will get a special accident reduction framework card that acts as a reminder on how to manage risk and stay safe.


Everyone who ventures off piste needs to attend both Henry's Essentials and In-depth talks. Great insight shared in a very down-to-earth way, with the message that skiing in the backcountry *can* be relatively safe *if* a set structure for decision making is applied every single time you go out. I highly recommend HAT, even if you're already an experienced off-piste skier or snowboarder. (everyone can always consolidate knowledge and learn new stuff.)

Ash Smith | Off piste and ski tourer | Founder and director of Sapaudia Brewing Co., Moutiers, Savoie, France


Hi Henry.

A BIG BIG thank you to yourself this week. Just passed my (International Mountain Safety) final exam.  Thank you for all your help.



Hi Henry 

…Just wanted to let you know that Lewis, Marco and I all passed our (International Mountain Safety) exam … So thanks again for your help. It was such a valuable course and we all learnt so much!

Regards, Dave


As a former F-16 pilot and United Airlines pilot I strongly believe in his suggested use of checklists / frameworks / memory aids for all skiers ,and boarders who are going off piste. His disciplined approach has saved numerous lives in the world of aviation and healthcare and will continue to help make skiers and adventures safer in their activities.

Anthony “AB” Bourke, Keynote Speaker | Expert on Leadership, Communication & Teamwork | CEO & Founder Mach 2 Consulting & Mach 2 Airshows


Henry Schniewind has worked in collaboration with The French Avalanche Association (ANENA) for years. His superb accident prevention work has prevented over 100 avalanche deaths over the last three decades according to recent estimates.

Dominique Létang, Director French Avalanche Association (ANENA)

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