I’ll be delivering the ORTOVOX off-piste awareness talks in London and Manchester this coming week as part of Ellis Brigham’s ‘Discover Backcountry’ initiative – anticipating a great couple of evenings!


Complementing my talks next week on how to have fun and be safe off-piste (see below), Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports in Tamworth and Glasgow are running introductory sessions to backcountry skiing over the next two Saturdays.

Discover Backcountry at Tamworth Snowdome

Discover Backcountry at Tamworth Snowdome & Glasgow Snow Factor!


These EB ‘Discover Backcountry’ sessions take place on real snow at the Tamworth SnowDome and Glasgow Snow Factor indoor slopes!  They’re a great intro for people interested in trying out ski touring and  backcountry equipment for the first time. You’ll learn techniques to help you master skinning (including kick turns). You’ll also be given an overview of terrain choice, avalanche awareness, a short intro to transceiver searches, and coaching on your downhill ski performance. Check this link for more information and tickets.


Our next set of ORTOVOX Off-Piste Awareness talks are taking place at Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports next week: London (St Pauls) on Monday; and Manchester (Deansgate) on Wednesday and Thursday.

Click the links below for more details and ticket sales. Be great to see you there!

Henry’s Avalanche Talk also provide private talks for friends, family, clubs or companies. Contact hat@henrysavalanchetalk.com for further info.


Safety is Freedom!


Thanks to David Treger for the images