Or do they encourage you to take more risk?

James Cove of planet ski just posted this article


Interesting conclusions.

In short the research seems to James Cove to point out that helmets do offer protection, but not nearly as much as people might perhaps think.

Please read this article. It points out that people with helmets take more risks and can end up with more serious injuries than those who do not wear helmets. The problem is not that helmets do not provide protection it us that they encourage greater risk taking.

At HAT we think there is a similar issue with Avalanche Airbags. They encourage off piste skiers to take more risks. ”Its alright I have got my bag on”

Avalanche airbags offer some protection some of the time. Not total protection all the time. But if you take more risks when you wear them you remove that benefit and expose yourself to a bigger risk than if you were not wearing them

This is not to advocate people do not wear safety equipment. Just don’t use the equipment as an excuse for taking more risks. If you do that then wearing the equipment has caused you to increase your danger and not reduce it.

Beware the human factor. We are often the cause of our accidents. If you can stay alert and manage your risk you can stay safe and have more fun.