HAT Academy

A new programme that provides a complete introduction on how to stay safe, have more fun, manage risks and make better decisions off piste.

An interactive programme, delivered live online  in small groups with Henry


The Essentials

The Essentials helps you answer the critical question “Is it safe out there?” We explain that there is no simple yes or no answer. The right answer is it depends on you. It depends on

  • Where you go and when,
  • How you go down or up and
  • How well prepared you are.

In the HAT Academy you will cover this and go into more depth on each of the questions.

How avalanches are triggered

You will learn the latest thinking and theory on how and why avalanches are triggered. This talk uses graphics and video to show you how avalanches can be triggered by one person weighing just 60Kg. Understanding why this happens will help you reduce your risk of being caught.

The Human Factor

We discuss the latest lessons from recent research on the Human Factor and how it applies to decision making and risk-taking in the backcountry and off-piste skiing. Why it is that people who should know better, still get caught out in avalanches?

Managing a rescue

You will learn in detail what you can and must do in the event the worst happens. This covers equipment, preparation, training and the procedures. We include the theory of avalanche transceiver training. However, you might wish to come to one of our live transceiver training sessions as well

Creating and using a checklist

Checklists are the key to managing the human factor and to minimising mistakes and errors of judgements. They are used in the airline industry and the medical profession to prevent accidents. You will come away with an effective checklist for managing your days out in the off-piste



Watch an introduction to the Essentials here

Henry explains his passion for the subject


The HAT Academy is for experienced skiers and those new to off piste

Even the most experienced skiers and boarders will tell you they are still learning and refining their ability to manage risk and make better decisions. The HAT Safety is Freedom approach can be applied whether you are a beginner in the off-piste or have been doing it for many years.

Henry describes The HAT Academy

The HAT Academy gives me the chance to get to know people and to provide them with practical help and guidance. With fewer people and more time, we can explore everyone’s questions. I like it because I know every participant will walk away with better knowledge and be better equipped to stay safe in the off piste and make better decisions.

Our Safety is Freedom framework and checklist is a unique way to assess and manage risk. The HAT Academy is the best way to experience it

Programme Modules

The first 4 modules are the foundation of knowledge and the basis of decision making

  • Essentials part 1 – an introduction to off piste safety
  • Essentials part 2 – how to make decisions
  • Essentials extended – the role of the human factor and an effective rescue
  • Avalanche Triggering – how and why avalanches are triggered

The second 4 are all about applying the knowledge and making the right decisions

  • Where you go in-depth – how you decide which slopes are safe
  • How you go in-depth – how you manage and conduct a group and choose your routes
  • Well prepared for a rescue/Transceivers – how to conduct an effective rescue
  • How to use the checklist – how do you use a checklist to make better decisions
HAT Academy Avalanche and off piste awareness

Pricing and tickets

It costs £150 per person.

The total programme comprises 8 workshops and takes around 10 hours. We are running this in two different schedules

  1. Weekends – over two Saturdays with 4 workshops each Saturday
  2. Weekly – 8 evening sessions on Thursday evenings

This will give you access to join the webinar presentation on the dates that you choose. Then if you do miss it, there will be a recording you can view during the following month.

You will also be able to ask questions during the session. 

All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to view these as a follow up if you miss a session (or as a reminder if you don’t)

Exclusive Facebook group

Once you have completed the training, you will be able to join the HAT Facebook community. This is exclusive for people who have done our training and offers the chance to ask Henry questions, to interact with other off-piste skiers and get special updates throughout the season

Programme dates


To be confirmed shortly