Our mission at HAT is to help you understand how to stay safe in the off-piste and learn how to have more fun when you venture out. This section of the website is devoted to providing you with some important information and advice. Click on each image to find out more

Accident Reduction Framework

Accident reduction framework HAT off piste
Learn how the HAT checklist can help you manage your risk when you go off piste

Avalanche Danger Rating

Understand what the avalanche danger ratings mean and how to interpret them

Avalanche Safety in 15 minutes – A video

Safety is Freedom for skiers

Henry explains in 15 minutes the essentials of staying safe and why we think Safety is Freedom

Off Piste Ski Insurance

Insurance for off piste skiers and ski tourers

Will your insurance pay out if you have an accident off piste? Find out the questions you should ask to get the right policy and who are the best insurers

Avalanche Bulletins

Links to help you find each of the avalanche bulletins for your ski area

Airbags on planes

Some advice to consider before taking your airbag on a flight

Free article from HAT

Download an article from HAT on how to stay safe and have more fun when you go off piste