Google Hangouts

Hangout with Henry, Sundays 5pm GMT
Most Sundays 5pm GMT, Henry will be available to chat online

He will update us on the latest conditions, discuss the current risks, and we will discuss a topic or issue in relation to off-piste safety and having more fun out there.

We will do this using Google Hangouts on Air. It is open to anyone. If you are not familiar with Google Hangouts on Air and want to understand more, then look at this page on Google and the video below which shows what they can achieve.

To find our next event, scroll to the bottom of the page. You can watch it on our website on that page. Or go to YouTube and go to the HenrysAvalancheTalk channel and view it in Feeds. click here for the link

To ask questions or comment please use Twitter and tweet using the hashtag #hatoffpiste. We will see the questions and can answer them in the call.

You can also ask questions by writing a comment in the YouTube feed, or send an email to but we will be looking at the Twitter feed first and using that predominantly.

After we have finished, the call will be recorded and visible here and in the HenrysAvalancheTalk Youtube channel

Recent Hangouts

How to find the best routes

The people who have the most fun off piste find the best routes. This is about where the best snow is, away from the crowds, where the safe snow is and knowing the best way out and back home. Some of this is navigation, some is avalanche awareness, it always involves understanding the conditions, sometimes you need a map. You always need to know where you are.

Finding a great guide to take you off piste