Off-piste ski insurance

As off-piste skiers we need ski travel insurance that will pay for rescue, medical and repatriation costs following an accident.  This is an essential part of being safe and having more fun when we go off-piste.  The costs of rescue, medical and repatriation can amount to £30000 to £50000.  An accident is bad enough without receiving a bill of this magnitude.

Specialist providers are a better bet

  • Specialist providers understand the risks inherent in off-piste skiing and are more likely to support you in processing a claim. Our recommendation is that a provider should fulfil the following criteria if you want to secure effective cover for going off-piste.
  • Specialist adventure/mountain/off-piste policy. This means the risks have definitely been specified and the underwriter has definitely accepted that off-piste cover is required.
  • The retailer or administrator has a senior executive who is an off-piste skier who is able to evaluate claims and if necessary negotiate with the underwriter (who may not fully understand the situation).
  • When you call the phone number or send an email to ask questions or seek clarification, you are able to obtain replies from someone who clearly understands your questions and is able to provide helpful clear answers, either over the phone or soon afterwards.
  • Ensure that the wording does not restrict you to skiing off-piste only with a guide or ski instructor. Such a restriction creates many problems, especially given that you might unwittingly go off-piste.

about to go off piste

Here at HAT we recommend that you seek out specialist adventure/ski insurers. This is because our investigations have shown that many policies which are for general skiing holidays are unclear about or even specifically exclude offpiste skiing which could lead to major problems in the event of a claim.

Suggested Providers

These insurers provide the kind of cover which offpiste or backcountry skiers need.

Please note we cannot recommend that any of these have the right policy for you. You have to seek advice from them directly or from a broker about your particular circumstances.


MPI – We have a long relationship with MPI who understand what offpiste skiers need – you can get a quote from them using the box below

This is set up by Michael Pettifer who is a keen off-piste skier and a long standing ski club leader and BASI member. His father set up Douglas Cox Tyrie, which was one of the earliest specialist wintersports providers. Michael does not permit a distinction between on or off-piste in his policies. He argues that this is a difficult distinction to enforce in practice.

BMC Insurance

BMC– The British Mountaineering Council have a range of policies to cover all sorts of mountain activities including adventures on skis. The ‘Alpine & Ski’ policy covers offpiste and back country skiing.


Snowcard – Snowcard are a specialist activity insurer and they also have a range of policies to cover various levels of ski exploration.


Dog Tag – Dog Tag provide sports travel insurance and their sports+ or extreme level of cover are likely to suit offpiste and back country skiers


ERV – ERV have very specific categories for their ski insurance so everyone should be able to find what they need.

Ski Club of Great Britain – The SCGB have recently upgraded their insurance and offer discounts for members.