Henry will be speaking and on the ORTOVOX stand at this weekend’s Kendal Mountain Festival.

HAT with ORTOVOX at Kendal Mountain Festival 2018

Henry will be taking some of his well-known ‘Avalanche Talks’ concepts along with the ORTOVOX ‘Safety Academy’ concepts and presenting them to a large audience at the Kendal Mountain Festival that has now become a ‘must visit’ for all mountain and ski enthusiasts from the UK and beyond.

Henry says: “I’m honoured to be asked to speak at such a major event and alongside a distinguished group of mountain athletes and personalities and I’m really looking forward to being able to pass some of my knowledge onto what will probably be a new audience for me. My mantra of Ride Hard, Ride Safe really embodies the nature of this whole event and I want to install the belief in riders that they can have fun, push the limits and stay safe out there at the same time.”

He’ll be delivering his off-piste awareness talk on Sunday, as well as appearing on the ORTOVOX stand throughout the weekend. In addition to this, he’ll also be leading some transceiver training sessions with ORTOVOX on Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

Come along and listen to Henry’s  ‘essentials talk’ on the Basecamp stage this Sunday, 18th November at 3.30pm. It’s a ‘must-see’ talk, full of essential information for all off-piste skiers, no matter how experienced you are. No ticket required for this event.

Christian Schneidermeier, Managing Director of ORTOVOX, said: “Having Henry at this event really adds value to the representation of the ORTOVOX brand to a discerning audience who really know their stuff, but are keen to learn even more”.

This should be a fantastic long weekend, and we’d love to see you there.

Safety is Freedom!