Henry’s Avalanche Talk launches new webinars and the 2023 UK tour.

Supported by Ellis Brigham, ORTOVOX and the Ski Club of Great Britain

  • NEW webinars launched, free of charge
  • Live talks in 3 cities presented by Henry Schniewind
  • Emphasis on the risk of skiing or snowboarding off-piste
  • How will climate change affect snow conditions in the Alps

During the webinars, Henry Schniewind, founder of HAT, will help to answer the question about what the risk of skiing or snowboarding in off-piste terrain actually is.

Henry will show that when heading into off-piste terrain, the risk is no more than driving a vehicle on UK roads, which are some of the safest statistically in the world. The key to HAT’s message is in the application of knowledge, something that initially sounds obvious but is what is often missing in many avalanche incidents that often involve highly experienced skiers and snowboarders, including mountain guides.

The four online webinars precede the UK tour which includes HAT’s Essentials Talk (for anyone considering heading off-piste) and In-Depth Talk (for those that have already attended at least one Essentials Talk). The tour also includes a number of Avalanche Transceiver Training sessions where participants can learn and practice the rescue techniques used with a search beacon in the event of a victim burial – something which HAT strives to prevent in the first place.

Henry Schniewind, founder of HAT, Said:

“We have discovered that if you enter avalanche terrain and do not apply good risk management then it can be as risky as base jumping. However if you apply good risk management, then you can make it no riskier than driving to the resort”.

During the webinars, Henry will also touch on the impact of climate change on snow conditions and how this might affect decision-making in the future. Henry said: “It’s obviously hard to predict what kind of winter we will have in advance but the obvious thing for people to think is that with climate change, we might get less snow and therefore less avalanches. But this is not necessarily the case, it’s more complex and in certain conditions, a warmer climate could cause a number of things, including more precipitation, which during the winter would be snowfall, at higher altitudes”.

Henry will be presenting the live webinars and all of the talks in person – participants can register on the HAT website.

Ortovox Off Piste Awareness Tour 2023 schedule


start times all 6pm, webinars run for approximately 45 minutes including Q&A’s and discussions.

Cost, free of charge

October Thursday 5th, Tuesday 10th, Monday 16th and Monday 23rd
Register: henrysavalanchetalk.com/uk-events/safety-is-freedom-webinar-programme

Safety is Freedom webinar, Henry's Avalanche Talk
Essentials avalanche safety talk


talks are held in Ellis Brigham stores. Cost, £19.50 per person, with reductions for buying 2 or more tickets. This includes a copy of the HAT Pocket Guide and NEW Safety Rescue Card.

Covent Garden, London – Monday 30th October, 8pm
St Pauls, London – Wednesday 1st November, 7.15pm
Manchester – Monday 13th November, 6.30pm
Glasgow – Monday 20th November, 8.15pm


talks are held in Ellis Brigham stores. Cost, £19.50 per person, with reductions for buying 2 or more tickets. This includes a copy of the HAT Pocket Guide and NEW Safety Rescue Card.

Covent Garden, London – Tuesday 31st October, 8pm
St Pauls, London – Thursday 2nd November, 7.15pm
Manchester – Tuesday 14th November, 6.30pm
Glasgow – Tuesday 21st November, 8.15pm

In depth talk Henry's Avalanche Talk
Avalanche Transceiver training Wimbledon Common, Henry's Avalanche Talk


these are outdoor events and all start at 11.30am and run for 3 hours. Cost, £75 per person, including transceiver hire if required. Also includes Henry’s Accident Reduction card plus the NEW Safety Rescue card and the Ortovox Academy Safety booklet.

Wimbledon, London – 4th November
Wimbledon, London – 12th November
Wimbledon, London – 26th November
Wimbledon, London – 30th December
Manchester – 18th November
Manchester – 19th November
Sandbanks, Poole – 5th November
Sandbanks, Poole – 25th November
Sandbanks, Poole – 29th December