Here you see Henry’s report on how mobile phones can interfere with your transceiver search








ANENA on transceiver training In this video, Henry reports from  ANENA on the latest advice to secure a successful transceiver search. ANENA is the Association Nationale pour l’Étude de la Neige et des Avalanches. The official body in France for studying avalanches and providing education.

It is now clear that mobile phones do interfere with the transceiver in search mode. So Henry draws our attention to four things

  1. Stay 25m away from searchers while you call the rescue services.
  2. All other phones should be switched off during a search.
  3. Keep your phone 50cm away from the transceiver whilst in search mode.
  4. Keep the phone 20cm away from the transceiver whilst in normal use in transmit mode

These photos show Henry working ANENA and receiving accreditation for our transceiver training programmes







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