This video shows one example of lots of close avalanche calls today (10th January 2023) in Val d’Isere and Tignes. But mainly TIGNES where more snow fell

Here is a short vid with photo to show where took place. Thanks to Jerry Beilinson. This is a short clip of the aftermath of a slide. When I stopped ski patrol had just started digging people out. Very shallow burial, and they left under their own power, as far as I could see. There were at least half a dozen scenes like this where people were able to get out. A bit more snow and they will be buried and possibly killed. A number of scenes where recent activity on an adjacent slope was ignored and then they skied a similar slope right next to or nearby and it went

It is as if the people wanted to make a demo for HAT ‘clues of recent Ava activity’!!

Tip of the Week

Above and beyond applying the key  points in the accident reduction and prevention Framework, make sure you have the right insurance for off-piste and ski touring rescue.

On Friday someone skiing with me broke her ankle and needed to be rescued off-piste. The rescue team was very professional and the fee of over one thousand euros was reasonable, but if the injured person did not have the right insurance, it would have been a very expensive off-piste and touring session indeed. Plus rescues off-piste can easily go into the tens of thousands of euros especially if a helicopter is involved.

Helping you to choose the right insurance for off-piste and ski touring, is why Chris Radford took the time to research and write this recent article (mainly aimed at UK residents, but there’s good advice for all), Insurance for off piste skiers and ski tourers

“Safety is Freedom!”