Update for Off-piste Skiing Report Northern French Alps!

Cold and snowy for the rest of the week in N French Alps. This means great skiing! The High avalanche danger rating of 4 should continue with the intermittent snow storms adding an increased load on top of the persistent weak layers that, due to the cold temps, continue to be a menace.

Get out there and enjoy the super conditions! But avoid areas where there are slopes of 30° or more. In short, go for the ‘low hanging fruit’. There will be plenty of great snow that is easy to get to on slopes of less than 30° thanks to the frequent top ups over the next week. If you’re going to steeper slopes make sure that you have the experience and that you have gone through the HAT framework/checklist (see henrysavalanchetalk.com home page) in detail. Finally, do not be fooled by the fact that high danger has been forecast at times over the last month and it did not materialize. There is real instability on steep slopes now.