Safety is Freedom, showing you how safety can be a liberating force!

Here’s a general overview of the mostly virtual Tour this year:

One of the key things that you can get out of the events, is a set of points that can help you to reduce the risks of skiing off-piste and touring – even make it as safe as activities that you do in your everyday life if you apply them.

But it’s not just for those of you who want to get the most out of your day on the mountain, the events provide a look at decision making, risk management and accident reduction from a fresh exciting avalanche point of view.

Indeed ever since a person told me stories about the Rhodesian Bush War at talk 30 years ago, someone speaks to me either during or after a talk – about how their line of work or activity can benefit from the concept of our ‘accident reduction framework’ which is a central foundation for each event.

The events of the Tour are for all levels:

  • a point of departure for beginners
  • a guide for further knowledge and training for those of you with experience
  • for you pros out there : a memory aid and tool for client-training
Sponsored by the Safety/Mountainwear brand ORTOVOX

It all starts soon! So check it out Right here

You can also check out updates on the HAT Facebook page and YouTube channel

Looking forward to seeing you again soon here on Henry’s Avalanche Talk where ‘safety is freedom’!