Research has shown that checklists work to reduce errors that lead to accidents. This is very true for endeavours like off-piste skiing and the risk of avalanches. Many accidents can be avoided if you use a framework that helps you to consistently pay attention to simple observable clues and information from the environment, as well as, people around you. The same is true in professions such as surgery and the military.

“Couldn’t agree with you more Hank”

Anthony Bourke
Fighter Pilot & CEO
Mach 2 Consulting

Off piste Framework

You can greatly reduce the chances of having an accident (and have more fun) off-piste with this simple downloadable Off-Piste checklist-Quick-Reference’ framework and some solid training like our essentials talk.  Click here

Accident reduction framework HAT off piste



To increase your safety, you don’t need to be perfect. Just follow this off piste checklist and quick reference on a regular basis : Review it the night before, the morning before you head out, and several times during the day. It will help you make decisions based on facts and evidence rather than on distractions like ‘powder fever’ for example.

I’ve made this ‘Off-Piste-checklist-Quick-Reference’ available not only as a quick review of the ‘Essentials’, but also as a simple way for you and your friends to apply what you have learned, have fun and be safe!