Special early preview video! For 10 – 17 January 2019

Complementary Video Update: Snow in the Northern French Alps!

At long last snow is currently falling in the Northern French Alps! There’s likely only going to be 10 cm or so today (Wednesday 9th), but maybe 20 to 40 cm over Sunday and Monday.

We badly need this fresh snow, but if it falls in amounts of 20 to 30 cm or so (or piled up into these significant amounts by the wind), that will have serious consequences for the stability of the snowpack above 2500 m.

See this video update from Henry, which complements our Off-Piste Snow Report published every Thursday.

Henry explains the current snow conditions, where the snowpack is now very stable. He goes on to discuss the serious implications of any substantial fresh snowfall on the stability of the snowpack above 2500 m, where it will be landing on an unconsolidated layer of faceted grains or ‘sugar snow’.

Check out our Off-Piste Snow Report tomorrow for more details.