In the video below, I give you a quick overview on:

  • Current off piste snow conditions for the Northern French Alps and surrounding areas. We’ve received (and are continuing to receive) fresh snowfall. The current avalanche risk is high – 4 out of 5. This fresh snow has landed on top of a very thin early season snowpack, which is very unstable. If you combine these two factors with lack of skier compaction on those slopes that are normally very packed down (as it’s still so early in the season) and you have a very unstable snow situation off-piste. We’re taking it very easy and sticking to slopes of 30° or less at the moment.
  • Some travel news.
  • Upcoming events: Essentials Talk – virtual talk – in two parts coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday evening this week! The accident reduction framework featured in this talk is for everyone: from off-piste beginners to pros interested in a great client training tool and memory aid. The aim is to help you get the most from your time on the mountain. See this link for more info Essentials Talk 7 & 8 December 6 pm UK time, 7 pm CET.

See the video below!

Off Piste Snow Report, Travel & Upcoming Events


There’s a long list of evidence that shows how applying simple frameworks, checklists and memory aids reduce risk in ‘high consequence, low feedback’ risk contexts prevalent in: aviation, military, finance, health care, avalanche terrain etc.

See our HAT quick reference ‘Safety is Freedom Framework’ for accident reduction in avalanche terrain. The Framework is aimed at all levels of off-piste and touring: for beginnersa point of departure; for experts: a guide for further learning; for pros: it’s a great framework for client training and quick memory aid.

The Framework is best if accompanied by training such as HAT events and on-snow courses, but it’s also a useful companion for all training as it focuses on the basic key points that all avalanche training courses address – it helps you to keep focused on the essential accident reduction points.

For more information on upcoming HAT events (including the *ORTOVOX Off-piste awareness Tour) : webinars, online talks and other useful announcements, see our HAT Facebook page.

ORTOVOX Off-piste awareness Tour in partnership with Henry's Avalanche Talk

*ORTOVOX Off-piste awareness Tour in partnership with Henry’s Avalanche Talk