Milder temperatures, cloudy and unsettled with some snowfall

Off-piste snow report: 15 – 21 Feb for Savoie & Northern French Alps

Off Piste Snow Report 15 to 21 Feb

Still some nice off piste conditions around. Wayne Watson photo

Snow depths are still extremely good, and probably will be so until the end of season and beyond. There’s currently still some fantastic powder snow to be found. Unfortunately, as it gets milder from Thursday afternoon onwards, the snow will become heavier and more humidified, particularly at altitudes below 2000 m. It will be a lot trickier to ski than the lovely light powder snow of recent days.

In general, the snowpack has recently been very stable, with an avalanche danger rating around a 2/5, sometimes up to a 3. See what the avalanche danger ratings mean on That said, recent snowpack tests have revealed that although the deeper layers are very solid, there are a few weak layers in the top 30 cm that, as off-piste skiers, we need to watch out for.

With milder temperatures and likely rainfall ahead, we’ll see a large increase in natural avalanche activity, with lots of heavy wet snow avalanches occurring. Some of those glide cracks we mentioned last week could also release with the warmer temperatures. With the huge depths of snow currently around, some of these avalanches could be very large in volume, and may come down to road level.

As snow and weather conditions evolve, keep an eye on our HAT Facebook updates for info on latest snow stability.

Detailed weather forecast for 15 – 21 Feb

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report

Off Piste Adventure. Wayne Watson photo

Thursday 15th: Between 10 to 25 cm of fresh snow expected at 2500 m. Unfortunately, it will be much milder than of late and this snow will be quite heavy and humidified. At lower altitudes the snowfall may well turn to rain, particularly as the day warms up. 0° C at 1000 m first thing, but as the day goes on it will get a lot milder. Wind at 2500 m: W to SW, 20-30 km/hr, at 4000 m: NW 60-80 km/hr.

Friday 16th:  Some light snowfall possible down to 1800 m during the morning (less than 5 cm). Clearing up mid-afternoon with very mild temperatures for the time of season: 0° C at 2300 m. NW wind 40-60 km/hr at 2300 m.

Saturday 17th: More unsettled weather. Clouding over quickly in the morning, bringing ‘flat light’ conditions for skiers. Snowing lightly all day long, down to 1800 m first thing and then to lower altitudes as temperatures fall. (We may possibly get up to 20cm snowfall at 2000 m). 0° C at  2200 m. WSW wind, 40-60 km/hr.

Sunday 18th & Monday 19th: Sunday: Dry with bright spells in the mountains.A. Monday: Sunny in the mountains.

Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st: Dry with bright spells. A lovely sunny day in the mountains on Wednesday.

Tip of the week

As snow and weather conditions evolve, keep an eye on our HAT Facebook updates for info on latest snow stability.

Check the danger rating on the avalanche risk bulletin for your area.