Fresh snow but danger in the Alps!

Hi everybody

In view of the exciting snowfalls we’ve been receiving, great skiing and the unstable conditions that have resulted (even right next to the piste), I’ve produced an On-Line Off-Piste ‘Essentials Talk‘. It’s aimed at helping you have fun and be safe off-piste.

The benefit of it being an on-line talk is that it can be watched as many times as you like via computer, which can also be connected to a flat-screen TV or projector for a group of people.

On-Line Off-Piste Essentials Talk

The first part (which is free): ‘The Essentials’, is about the ‘problem/danger’ we face in terms of off-piste safety.

The other 3 parts are 25 €, and focus on a solution. 

This ‘solution’ is presented in the video as a simple framework for safe/fun off-piste skiing. You can download an A5 version here.  A simple framework has been shown to be the best way to have fun off-piste and avoid accidents – for  novices and experienced off-piste skiers alike.

You can see the video here:

All the best. Enjoy the fresh snow, and we wish you a great rest of the season! 

Ride Hard, Ride Safe!