Ride Off-Piste with Henry & the HAT Team

Off-piste Training & Guiding

Based in Val d’Isere/Tignes, we’re out on the mountain almost every day in the winter, helping clients have a fantastic time and stay safe in the snow. We have various off-piste training courses and guiding options to choose from:

Option One : Learn how to have more fun off-piste, with or without a professional

Henry Off-Piste  (3 days, 2 days or 1 day)

In these courses we teach you what to look out for in order to have fun and be safe off-piste. We also show you how riding off-piste doesn’t need to be any riskier than any of your everyday activities (if you didn’t know that a red light means stop, then driving would be much more risky!).

The courses involve avalanche awareness training, decision making, off-piste guiding and transceiver training. The longer the course, the more time you have to consolidate the information you have learned, and to really appreciate some wonderful off-piste guiding. 

  • 3 day course: €490 per person;
  • 2 day course €330 per person;
  • 1 day course €165 per person.

For full details and enquiries click here. (Discounts for group bookings of 5 to 6 people).

Option Two: Off-Piste guiding

  • Extended morning guiding:
    08.45 to 14.00 (time for a quick coffee stop). Some flexibility in timings if you can’t make the 08.45 start.
    Price: €440 for a private booking (up to 6 people). To book on-line click here 
  • Full day guiding:
    Either: 08.45 to 16.30 with breaks and a lunch stop
    Or: 08.45 to 15.00 with no lunch stop and just 1 or 2 short breaks
    Price: €550 for a private booking (up to 6 people). To book on line click here