Skiing off piste can be no more risky than driving your car on the road (and is a lot more fun) if you get the right training

Henry Schniewind and the HAT team are back in the UK this Autumn to deliver the Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour at venues across the UK from Fort William to Sandbanks and many cities in between including London, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol. The events kick off on 16th October and run through to 30th January

Ortovox avalanche awareness tour

The Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour 2016 is a series of live multimedia talks and outdoor training events about how to have fun and be safe while riding off piste this season. The programme has three different types of events

  • The Essentials talk – a must see talk, full of ‘essential’ information for all off-piste skiers, no matter how experienced you areIn depth talk – Understand exactly how avalanches are triggered (for those who have already seen the Essentials Talk).
  • In Depth talks – Understand exactly how avalanches are triggered (for those who have already seen the Essentials Talk).
  • Transceiver training – practical outdoor training on how to use the safety equipment to locate a buried avalanche victim in 5 minutes and rescue them in less than 15 minutes.

The whole tour designed to help off-piste skiers and boarders answer the critical question “Is it safe out there?” We explain that there is no simple yes or no answer. The right answer is, it depends on you. It depends on:

  • Where you go and when,
  • How you go down or up
  • How well prepared you are

The talks use exciting images, videos and stories of accidents, great skiing along with close calls with danger. Henry delivers a risk management formula that will help skiers to see how skiing off-piste can be no more dangerous than the activities that we engage in each day, such as driving on the road.

Details of dates, venues and online ticket purchasing
Eventbrite - The Essentials (Chester) Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour
There are early bird ticket offers for people who book before 30th September. Tickets for talks are reduced from £12.50 to £10 and Transceiver training is reduced from £57.50 to £42.50

This programme could not be delivered without the support of Ortovox, Ellis Brigham, Val d’Isere and the Ski Club.