Henry Schniewind will be visiting the UK from 23rd October to 26th November for a series of events that we call The ORTOVOX Off-piste Awareness tour.

Henry will be visiting Covent Garden, Tamworth, Bristol, Manchester, St Pauls, Kendal, Fort William and The Hurlingham club in Fulham.

In addition, the HAT team will deliver off-piste awareness talks in Chester, Chelmsford and Glasgow and transceiver training in Wimbledon, Bristol, Sandbanks and Manchester.

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The talks are delivered in Ellis Brigham stores with ORTOVOX, our main sponsor, supported by  Ellis Brigham and The Ski Club. Henry has also accepted invitations to speak at the Kendal Mountain Festival on 18th and 19th November, and at a new event organised by Momentum. This will be called ‘Ski Sunday’ and held on 25th November at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham.


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Henry has spent time over the summer studying and talking with ANENA to develop the talks’ material and to create new content. ANENA is the ‘Association Nationale pour l’Étude de la Neige et des Avalanches’ (French National Association for the Study of Snow and Avalanches). ANENA have endorsed Henry’s talks and methods and provided valuable input to update the materials.

There will be at least 18 opportunities to come and catch up with Henry and hear this latest advice and thinking on how to stay safe and have more fun off-piste. This year will be all about the mantra Learn, Apply, Learn Apply, Learn Apply.  You have to apply what you learn for it to work.

There are three different events you can attend.

  1. The Essentials talk – an introduction to how to have more fun and stay safe off piste
  2. The In depth talk  – understand more precisely how avalanches are triggered and the influence of human factors on decision making and how you can control these.
  3. Transceiver training– learn how to use the transceiver, shovel and probe before you go on your ski trip

Henry will be talking about how Learn Apply, Learn Apply, Learn Apply in both the Essentials talk and the In depth talk.

The transceiver training as also about the Learn Apply approach. You have to learn it so you can apply it. It is no good just having the transceiver shovel and probe. If you don’t know how to use it, you are not much help to your friends in the event of an accident.