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Safety is Freedom

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Do you ski off piste?

Would you like to understand the risks and know how to manage them so you can stay safe and have more fun?

We have discovered that if you enter avalanche terrain and do not apply good risk management then it is as risky as base jumping. However if you do apply good risk management, then it is no riskier than driving to the resort. 

Watch Henry in this video where he explains the HAT approach to managing the risk and how we can help you to have more fun and stay safe at the same time. As we say.

Safety is Freedom

Here are 5 ways we can help you

Free practical advice

Discover the HAT checklist, get our snow reports, read our free articles, watch our You Tube live broadcasts, follow the HAT blog for the latest insight and advice.

Avalanche talks

Attend our talks to learn how to apply the HAT checklist so you can make going off piste no more risky than driving to the resort. This is an introduction to avalanche awareness

Transceiver training

Join one of our sessions so that if the worst happens, learn  how to locate a victim in 5 minutes and dig them out in 15 minutes using the transceiver, shovel and probe.

On snow courses

Experience the off piste and learn how to apply the HAT checklist and risk management on the snow. Spend time with Henry  discovering the amazing off piste terrain in Val d’Isere and Tignes.

Online training

Invest time studying our avalanche talks and transceiver training before you go out to the mountains. Use these as a reminder.

Recent blog posts

In the season and the season warm up we regularly post advice, HAT updates, weather, snow reports and news on our blog

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ACCIDENT REDUCTION IN THE COVID ERA ‘The biggest error would be to believe that we don’t make errors’

The Covid-19 problem that confronts us all in this time of uncertainty is a danger we can’t see. It's a danger that seems distant and, apart from the prevention measures imposed on us, it appears unlikely that it will have a direct effect on us. It doesn't really even...

Direct action avalanches

Spring has suddenly turned back to Winter with plenty of snowfall above 1800 m or so in the Alps With all this snow predicted over the next few days (and the resulting avalanche activity that will be occurring as a direct result of the storm) , I thought this would be...

DANGER OF natural wet snow avalanches CURRENTLY in the Alps

Higher overnight temperatures and cloudy skies have accelerated this phenomenon... a danger for those in 'confinement' in the higher altitude Alpine areas. For the significant amount of people still currently living at relatively high altitude (+/- 1800 m) in the...

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Henry's Avalanche Talk
Henry's Avalanche Talk2 months ago
Possibly the wrong side of the line for a HAT endorsed risk management approach. But stunning TV. And in the 1970’s we just enjoyed it with no qualms.
Henry's Avalanche Talk
BBC Archive
#OTD 1977: John Noakes scaled Nelson's Column, on a wobbly ladder... with no safety harness...and no helmet...wearing flares... to clean some pigeon poo. Don't try this. Anywhere. Ever.
Henry's Avalanche Talk
Henry's Avalanche Talk2 months ago
We'll be there!
Henry's Avalanche Talk
Henry's Avalanche Talk3 months ago
My good friend Dan Egan @Skiclinics skied for over 10 years with legendary ski film maker Warren Miller and he starred in 12 of his films.

He’s just recently been involved in a documentary on Warren entitled SKI BUM: THE WARREN MILLER STORY documentary.

Preorder and watch the trailer here:

It’s just releasing now on iTunes. So you may be able to take advantage of the preorder price of $4.99 if you check it out now.

If you want to chill this summer with ski fun and some hilarious memories of the mountains this is the film for you!
Henry's Avalanche Talk
Henry's Avalanche Talk3 months ago
Part of the beginnings of HAT. Great program with Babeth Chabert - and great times #offpiste #Ski #Adventure !
Henry's Avalanche Talk
Henry's Avalanche Talk5 months ago
Henry discussing the current snowfall and snow conditions that we missed out on the final weekend in the Alps and what it teaches us about avalanche risk.

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