In our snow report published on Thursday 3rd January we mentioned there might be snow on Tuesday night or Wednesday daytime next week but at that point we were not sure because the high pressure systems are still dominant.

It now looks likely that the high pressure will give way temporarily and there will be a light snowfall right down to the valley floor in cold weather on Tuesday night and Wednesday daytime. Currently this is predicted to take place with moderate or light winds so this will increase the benefit of the snow in the off piste. It will be light dry and cold.

Val d’Isere weather forecast and snow predictions

MétéoBlue app weather forecast.

We will report on how this affects the risks on Monday or Tuesday. This depends on how much snow arises. If the snow happens it will improve the quality of the skiing both on and off piste. If it is just 10cm the risks will be localised and specific.

When can we expect a serious dump?

The high pressure seems to be with us until at least 17th January. However, the general signs from the weather models are that low pressure will take over as the Jet stream moves south after 18th January. Right now I would expect more unsettled weather in the last 2 weeks of January than we have had in the first two weeks.

Enjoy your skiing and keep following us for updates on what to look out for and Huw to stay safe and have more fun off piste.