In depth Talk 1 (Castleford) 16th November 2021


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Come to see Henry present The Essentials Talk at Ellis Brigham in Castleford The talk lasts 90 minutes with a short time for questions.

The Essentials Talk helps you answer the critical question “Is it safe out there?” We explain that there is no simple yes or no answer. The right answer is it depends on you. It depends on

Where you go and when,
How you go down or up and
How well prepared you are.

The hour and a half ‘Essentials’ talk explains how to HAT checklist works and how you can use this to make going off piste just as safe as driving to the resort.

The talk is full of exciting images, videos and stories of accidents, great skiing along with close calls with danger. The HAT checklist is a risk management formula that will help you to see how skiing off-piste can be no more dangerous than the activities that you engage in each day.


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Event Details

Date: November 16, 2021

Start time: 19:30 GMT

End time: 21:30 GMT

Venue: Ellis Brigham

Coordinates: 53.710818403047774, -1.338636434024753

Directions: The Ellis Brigham Store at Yorkshire, Xscape, Unit 20, Colorado Way, Glasshoughton, Castleford WF10 4TA


Come to see The In depth Talk at Ellis Brigham in Covent Garden. The talk lasts 90 minutes with a short time for questions.

Our in-depth talks build on the Essentials talk and go in depth into four subjects.

  • How avalanches are triggered
  • Where you go and when
  • How you go down or up
  • The Human Factor

    How avalanches are triggered

    We discuss the latest thinking and theory on how and why avalanches are triggered. This talk uses graphics and video to show you how avalanches can be triggered by one person weighing just 60Kg. Understanding why this happens will help you reduce your risk of being caught.

    The Human Factor

    We discuss the latest lessons from recent research on the Human Factor and how it applies to decision making and risk taking in the backcountry and off-piste skiing. Why it is that people who should know better, still get caught out in avalanches?