Essentials Talk (Online) 19th December 2023

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The price includes The Safety is Freedom pocket guide (retail price £10) which explains how to apply the ACCIDENT REDUCTION FRAMEWORK. This will be provided at the event.

You will also receive a copy of Henry’s new SAFETY RESCUE card. This explains the most important steps you must take in the event of an avalanche accident.


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See Henry present The Essentials Talk. The talk lasts 1 hour plus a generous amount of time for questions.

The Essentials Talk helps you answer the critical question “Is it safe out there?” We explain that there is no simple yes or no answer. The right answer is it depends on you. It depends on

Where you go and when,
How you go down or up and
How well prepared you are.

The talk is full of exciting images, videos, and stories of accidents, great skiing along with close calls with danger. The HAT checklist is a risk management formula that will help you to see how skiing off-piste can be no more dangerous than the activities that you engage in each day.

Event Details

Date: 19 December 2022

Start time: 18:00 BST

End time: 20:00 BST


HAT off piste skier pocket guide

You will receive a copy of Henry’s Accident Reduction card and the NEW Safety Rescue card

The Accident Reduction card provides you with an accident reduction framework, a ‘weapon’, to help you fight human factors’ distractions which are the origin of most accidents. 

The Safety Rescue card  reminds you of the most important things to do in the event of an avalanche accident.