The off piste awareness tour from Henry's Avalanche Talk
The Ortovox Off-piste Awareness Tour is back

Henry Schniewind will be visiting the UK from 23rd October to 26th November for a series of events that we call The ORTOVOX Off-piste Awareness tour. Henry will be visiting Covent Garden, Tamworth, Bristol, Manchester, St Pauls, Kendal, Fort William and The Hurlingham club in Fulham. In addition, the HAT team will deliver off-piste awareness talks in Chester, Chelmsford and Glasgow and transceiver training in Wimbledon, Bristol, Sandbanks and Manchester. Click on this link ... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather: 19 - 25 April, Savoie / N. French Alps
HAT off piste snow & weather report

Great spring snow conditions! HAT off piste snow and weather report 19-25 April for Savoie and northern French Alps It looks like we’re going to have classic spring snow conditions for at least the next few days! This is one of our favourite times of the year for skiing! There’s some lovely soft, smooth snow around if you choose your timings and slope exposures right. Another great thing at this time of year is that when regular melt-freeze cycles come into place... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 29 March – 4 April, S...

Unsettled conditions with snow showers up high! Off-piste snow report: 29 March – 4 April for Savoie & N French Alps Not really spring conditions yet. The unexpectedly long transition into spring continues! In high altitude resorts above 1800 m, we’ve still not started having any significant melt/freeze cycles that we normally experience at this time of year. First thing in the morning there’s still some lovely wintry snow on high altitude slopes above 2... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off Piste Snow Report & Weather: 1 – 7 March, S...

Milder cloudy days ahead, with light snowfall Off-piste snow report: 1 – 7 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps We’re continuing to find some excellent off-piste conditions. With recent ‘arctic-like’ temperatures, there has been some wonderfully light powder snow to be found. With much milder temperatures forecast over the next few days, we’ll be aiming towards the higher, colder north facing slopes to find the best conditions. However, we... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off Piste Snow Report & Weather: 8 – 14 Feb Sav...

Some nice ‘bluebird’ skiing days ahead, and possibly a bit of snow too! Off-piste snow report: 8 – 14 Feb for Savoie & Northern French Alps Snow depths remain extremely good, and probably will continue to be so until the end of season and beyond. It’s looking fantastic for some possible hut touring in the Spring! Off-piste areas easily accessed from the lift system have now been tracked out. However, by using skins and touring skis, we continue to ... Read More

Val d'Isere Pisteurs 9th January 2018
Avalanche risk assessment – post storm 10th Jan 2018

Henry tells about the likely avalanche risk and things to look out for tomorrow and the day after. This includes his observations after skiing today. He discusses why and how the danger rating can drop from a level 5 to a level 3 in just 2 days.  After all the snow, the risks turn from being large scale and widespread and threatening the town (level 5), to large-scale and widespread but mainly on the mountain (level 4), to being localised to specific […]... Read More

avalanche awareness course three days with Henry
Avalanche and off piste awareness course – 3 days wi...

3 days with Henry Henry does run off-piste and avalanche awareness courses through the season. we call each course “3 days with Henry”.  There is one is happening next week on Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th January. We have spaces available. Conditions are expected to be perfect for exploring avalanche risks and how to manage them. Conditions should also be outstanding for finding great, enjoyable and safe snow to ski on. It looks like there will have been enough d... Read More

Avalanche Val d'Isere
Avalanches flowing into the resort now

Do follow resort safety advice, road closures and path closures wherever you are in the Savoie, Haute Savoie or Isere regions.  Here is a video of a Val d’Isere avalanche running across footpaths, a car park and approaching a building. Danger rating 5 is associated with risks in the resort as well as on the mountain. The reason the danger is so high is the combination of wind loaded slopes, huge snowfall and a sudden rise in temperature this morning. This causes [&hell... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report 4 - 10 Jan
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 4 – 10 Jan Savoie / N...

Wild, windy, unsettled weather with more snow for the week ahead! Off-piste snow report: 4 – 10 Jan for Savoie & Northern French Alps Weather and snow conditions in the N French Alps have been, and will continue to be, extreme over the next few days. High winds are expected, along with a lot more snow or rain and temperatures above normal for the time of season. The avalanche danger this week will be directly related to a) the overall total accumulations […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather: 21 - 27 Dec Savoie / N. French Alps
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 21 – 27 Dec Savoie / ...

Sunny and mild conditions for Christmas week in the Alps! Off-piste snow report: 21 – 27 Dec for Savoie & Northern French Alps   Off-piste snow depths are exceptionally good for the time of season. We’ve been experiencing some beautiful cold powder snow conditions, particularly on N facing slopes at high altitudes. With the milder temperatures and sunshine predicted in the week ahead, this will become heavier and tricker to ski. There should still be some... Read More