Off-Piste Snow & Weather Forecast 4th to 12th April
Off-Piste Snow and Weather 4 – 12 April 2019

For Savoie and the Northern French Alps Briefly back to winter, then here there and everywhere! Spring is all about mixed weather, often cloudy and showery, with some sunshine thrown in too. That’s exactly what the week ahead will bring. Following a snowstorm on Wednesday/Thursday, we’ll be seeing a couple of sunny days, and plenty of blustery April showers too. We recommend always getting out there, and seeing what you can find – you may be pleasantly surpr... Read More

Off-Piste Snow & Weather 7 - 15 March 2019
Off-Piste Snow and Weather 7-13 March 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps A stormy week ahead with snowfall! Expect a period of snowy unsettled weather, with significant snowfall. Some days this may be just a few cm, but next week it will become quite widespread even down to 1500 m. One snow report, for example, suggests up to 51 cm at the higher altitudes in Val d’Isère over the next few days. The biggest risks will be N facing shady slopes above 2400m Over the past week, we’ve […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather
Off-Piste Snow and Weather 1st – 6 March 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps ‘Winter’ returns with snowfall & cooler temps. The last 3 weeks have been very warm, dry and sunny. Many wet snow avalanches have occurred in the last week in the very warm temperatures. But we are expecting cold temperatures and considerable new snow every day next week from Monday. The whole of March looks like it will be colder with regular snowfall and some sunny breaks in between. We’ve recently been enjoying all ... Read More

Off-Piste Snow and Weather Report 31 Jan-6 Feb 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps Great skiing, but watch out for significant avalanche danger over the next few days with significant snowfall expected Low-pressure weather systems remain in charge over the Alps until Sunday delivering more snow, especially on Friday and Saturday. Fluctuating temperatures will make for unstable conditions below 2000m. A weak layer makes the snowpack unstable higher up. On Monday, the high pressure kicks in delivering more stable weather. S... Read More

Off-Piste Snow & Weather Report 24 - 31 Jan 2019
Off-Piste Snow and Weather Report 24 – 31 Jan 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps Variable weather ahead with a little fresh snowfall Expecting light snow on Sunday and more significant new snow on Wednesday. In the meantime there will be cold temperatures and some sun, some cloud and some light snowfall. But not much wind. Signs are the weather is a lot more unstable after 2nd Feb – we will see. There are some lovely cold soft snow conditions around though, particularly on high N facing slopes. Over the last [&hel... Read More

Safety and service in Val d’Isère

The town of Val d’Isère is improving its end customer experience by making an extra effort to help foreign service providers to better know the town and be comfortable during their stay for the season. Part of the town’s ‘welcome campaign’ is an early season meeting that provides foreign tour operators a unique opportunity to meet and hear from not only the expected services such as the office of tourism, but also from members of the Town Hall, town c... Read More

Off-piste safety & risk-management with town of Val d...

Photo of the team yesterday working with the town of Val d’Isère during a safety and logistics awareness seminar for chalet companies & tour operators. My presentation was on off-piste safety & risk-management. The goal is to increase efficient interaction between the town of Val d’Isère and guests coming from outside of France. A commitment to client safety and wellbeing is a key point in ensuring a successful service from the town and an enjoyable exp... Read More