Off-Piste Snow & Weather 28 March - 4 April 2019
Off-Piste Snow and Weather 28 March – 5 April

For Savoie and the Northern French Alps Spring skiing conditions, but could be more wintry next week! Lovely smooth spring snow conditions are now in place, so follow our tips below on where to find them. Many slopes away from the first warming effects of the sun are hardened first thing, softening up as the day goes on. With warmer temperatures to come, the snow will be becoming pretty heavy and slushy in the afternoon. There’s little cold powder snow (if any) [&hellip... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 14 - 22 March 2019
Off-Piste Snow and Weather 14 March 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps More snow for the next few days makes it complicated! There are a few more unsettled windy days ahead, with a lot of fresh snow especially on Thursday night. There should be a sunny day thrown in on Saturday! From the middle of next week, it should become calmer and sunnier. There is a general avalanche warning for Thursday night and Friday with possible spontaneous avalanches affecting the mountains and even some roads due to heavy [&helli... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather
Off-Piste Snow and Weather 1st – 6 March 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps ‘Winter’ returns with snowfall & cooler temps. The last 3 weeks have been very warm, dry and sunny. Many wet snow avalanches have occurred in the last week in the very warm temperatures. But we are expecting cold temperatures and considerable new snow every day next week from Monday. The whole of March looks like it will be colder with regular snowfall and some sunny breaks in between. We’ve recently been enjoying all ... Read More

Off-Piste Snow and Weather Report 31 Jan-6 Feb 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps Great skiing, but watch out for significant avalanche danger over the next few days with significant snowfall expected Low-pressure weather systems remain in charge over the Alps until Sunday delivering more snow, especially on Friday and Saturday. Fluctuating temperatures will make for unstable conditions below 2000m. A weak layer makes the snowpack unstable higher up. On Monday, the high pressure kicks in delivering more stable weather. S... Read More