Ellis Brigham Discover Backcountry
Safety is Freedom in London & Manchester coming soon!

I’ll be delivering the ORTOVOX off-piste awareness talks in London and Manchester this coming week as part of Ellis Brigham’s ‘Discover Backcountry’ initiative – anticipating a great couple of evenings!   Complementing my talks next week on how to have fun and be safe off-piste (see below), Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports in Tamworth and Glasgow are running introductory sessions to backcountry skiing over the next two Saturdays.   These ... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off Piste Snow Report & Weather: 8 – 14 Feb Sav...

Some nice ‘bluebird’ skiing days ahead, and possibly a bit of snow too! Off-piste snow report: 8 – 14 Feb for Savoie & Northern French Alps Snow depths remain extremely good, and probably will continue to be so until the end of season and beyond. It’s looking fantastic for some possible hut touring in the Spring! Off-piste areas easily accessed from the lift system have now been tracked out. However, by using skins and touring skis, we continue to ... Read More

Ultra-light ORTOVOX ASCENT backpack. Great for ski touring

Ultra-light! The ORTOVOX ASCENT backpack was originally designed for ski mountaineering. Here at HAT we reckon it’s a great option for ski touring and riding off-piste. We’re particularly impressed by how comfortable and light it is. Weight is always a prime concern when out ski touring or going off-piste. The ORTOVOX ASCENT backpack is made of tough abrasion-free material but has a ‘no-gimmicks’ design to keep its weight down. The 3D foam back-... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather 23 February - 1 March
Off Piste Snow and Weather: 23 February – 1 March

A mixed bag of weather this week, with mild temperatures. Off-piste snow report for 23 February to 1 March Snow depths are below average for the time of season, with higher-altitude resorts faring best. We can ski down to around 1200 m on N facing slopes and down to around 1800 on S facing ones. Ski touring, using skins, is really the best way to find any good off-piste snow at the moment. The best quality snow can be found on N’ish facing slopes […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 26 January
Off piste snow report and weather – 26 January

A chance of small top-ups of fresh snow! A few windy days ahead, maybe bringing small amounts of snow with them.  Look at our weather forecast for a longer term outlook and possible snow after 3rd February Off-piste snow report – 26 January to 1 February Off-piste skiing is always an adventure. Venture out – you may just get an unexpected bonus! On the Pissaillas glacier this week, we were unexpectedly greeted by 10 cm of fresh snow. We also found pockets of... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 13 January
Off piste snow report and weather – Increased avalan...

A lot of snow, wind & increased avalanche risk! We’re expecting up to 50 cm of fresh snow over the next couple of days in the French N Alps. Clearly the snow dance worked! Off-piste snow report for 12 – 18 January Up to now, small amounts of recent fresh snow (5 cm here and there) have been helping improve the quality of off-piste skiing. There’s been some very nice light snow in sheltered spots and in gullies where it has been blown […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 5 January
Off piste snow report and weather – 5 January

Cold, windy weather and maybe some light snowfall! In this off piste snow report, there’s a real change in the weather this week. Wild N winds, bitterly cold temperatures and maybe a little bit of fresh snow. Off-piste snow report 5 January The best snow coverage continues to be on N’ish facing slopes above 2300 m. To find any decent off-piste, you will need to use touring skis and skins. Above 2500 m, we can still find occasional areas of cold snow, which is ... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 29 December
Off piste snow report and weather – 29 December

Hoping for light snowfall in the New Year! The best snow coverage is on N’ish facing slopes above 2300 m. Low-altitude French ski resorts continue to suffer badly from poor snow depths. High altitude ones, too, desperately need a top-up of fresh snow. We’re hopefully due for some light snow early next week and let’s hope so! Off-piste snow report 29 December It’s always fun off-piste and an adventure, even if the snow’s not always perfect. C... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 22 December
Off piste snow report and weather 22 December

Plenty of Alpine Sunshine over the Festive Season! Off-piste snow report 22 December After a stormy couple of days near the French/Italian border, things are quickly settling down again. Most of the recent snow fell in the SW Alps, particularly in the Italian Piedmont (e.g. Sestriere). A few lucky high-altitude French resorts near the border, like Val d’Isere and Tignes, benefited from some fresh snow. This snowfall was accompanied by strong Foehn winds though ... Read More

Ski touring wayne watson
Off piste snow report and weather forecast

Wall to wall sunshine will continue in the Alps! High-altitude resorts faring best   Snow coverage and quality is definitely best above 2300 m. If you know where to look, and are prepared to walk for it, there are some stunning off-piste conditions still to be found up high. However, it’s one of those times when, unless you really know what you’re doing, it may be well worth considering hiring a mountain guide with local knowledge on where to find the best ... Read More