Possible snow next week in French Alps

In our snow report published on Thursday 3rd January we mentioned there might be snow on Tuesday night or Wednesday daytime next week but at that point we were not sure because the high pressure systems are still dominant. It now looks likely that the high pressure will give way temporarily and there will be a light snowfall right down to the valley floor in cold weather on Tuesday night and Wednesday daytime. Currently this is predicted to take place with moderate […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 5 January
Off piste snow report and weather – 5 January

Cold, windy weather and maybe some light snowfall! In this off piste snow report, there’s a real change in the weather this week. Wild N winds, bitterly cold temperatures and maybe a little bit of fresh snow. Off-piste snow report 5 January The best snow coverage continues to be on N’ish facing slopes above 2300 m. To find any decent off-piste, you will need to use touring skis and skins. Above 2500 m, we can still find occasional areas of cold snow, which is ... Read More