Off-piste snow report for Northern French Alps

Special early preview video! For 10 – 17 January 2019 Complementary Video Update: Snow in the Northern French Alps! At long last snow is currently falling in the Northern French Alps! There’s likely only going to be 10 cm or so today (Wednesday 9th), but maybe 20 to 40 cm over Sunday and Monday. We badly need this fresh snow, but if it falls in amounts of 20 to 30 cm or so (or piled up into these significant amounts by the […]... Read More

Off-Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off-Piste Snow and Weather Report 21st Dec 2018

For Savoie and the Northern French Alps Milder days ahead, sun snow and rain What a great and varied off-piste week we’ve had! Conditions have sometimes been excellent with cold dry light powder skiing in good visibility (often bright sunshine). At other times it’s been much trickier skiing in heavy and humidified snow. We’ve also had some days of flat light and tricky route-finding. We even had to get the compass out once in an area we’ve skied hundre... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 29 March – 4 April, S...

Unsettled conditions with snow showers up high! Off-piste snow report: 29 March – 4 April for Savoie & N French Alps Not really spring conditions yet. The unexpectedly long transition into spring continues! In high altitude resorts above 1800 m, we’ve still not started having any significant melt/freeze cycles that we normally experience at this time of year. First thing in the morning there’s still some lovely wintry snow on high altitude slopes above 2... Read More

Snow & Weather Report 22 to 28 March
Off Piste Snow Report & Weather: 22 – 28 March,...

This winter just keeps on giving! Off-piste snow report: 22 – 28 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps Someone suggested we should start publishing reports about spring, spring snow and melt-freeze cycles this week. Normally we would be writing about this in March. However this year is different. We cannot see much sign of spring in the weather forecast. Winter continues. So this report is about winter snow in March. Off-piste snow depths remain the deepest for ... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off Piste Snow Report & Weather: 1 – 7 March, S...

Milder cloudy days ahead, with light snowfall Off-piste snow report: 1 – 7 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps We’re continuing to find some excellent off-piste conditions. With recent ‘arctic-like’ temperatures, there has been some wonderfully light powder snow to be found. With much milder temperatures forecast over the next few days, we’ll be aiming towards the higher, colder north facing slopes to find the best conditions. However, we... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather: 11 - 17 Jan Savoie / N. French Alps
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 11 – 17 Jan Savoie / ...

Sunny weather for a few days, followed by more snow from Tuesday onwards! Off-piste snow report: 11 – 17 Jan for Savoie & Northern French Alps It’s been a incredible week in the N French Alps with insane amounts of snow falling in Savoie close to the Italian border! This was accompanied by gale force E winds, chaos on the roads, avalanche risks of up to 4 and even 5/5.  Areas were put on ‘lock-down’ by the authorities, when it was too […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report 28 Dec - 3 Jan
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 28 Dec – 3 Jan Savoie...

Unsettled weather with snow for New Year’s week in the N French Alps Off-piste snow report: 28 Dec – 3 Jan for Savoie & Northern French Alps   Happy new year everyone! Off piste snow depths in the N French Alps remain very good for the time of season. We can often ski right down to 1000 m, and there’s some lovely deep powder to be found. In many higher exposed areas, particularly above 2200/2400 m, the surface snow has been wind-affected, […]... Read More

Off piste snow and weather 14 - 20 Dec Savoie and N French Alps
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 14 – 20 Dec Savoie / ...

Another snowy week ahead ! Off-piste snow report: 14 – 20 Dec for Savoie & Northern French Alps Snow depths have increased dramatically over the last week. In the Haute Tarentaise area of Savoie (e.g. Val d’Isere/Tignes) there’s now about 160 cm snow on N facing slopes above 2500 m. And it looks like plenty more snow will be falling in the next few days! Earlier this week, we received over 60 cm of fresh snow in the space of 24 hours. […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather: 7 – 13 Dec Savoie / N...

A snowy week ahead! Off-piste snow report: 7 – 13 Dec for Savoie & Northern French Alps We are due for fresh snow in the week ahead, which we need. Indeed, our friends at WeatherToSki are predicting the following (text in italics quoted directly from their website): The greatest accumulations, at least in the first instance, are likely to be in the northern French Alps, roughly from Alpe d’Huez northwards through the Tarentaise (e.g. 3 Valleys, La Plagne, Les Arcs... Read More

Off Piste Snow and Weather Report 30 Nov to 6 Dec
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 30 Nov – 6 Dec Savoie...

A cold and snowy start to the new season! Off-piste snow report: 30 Nov – 6 Dec for Savoie & Northern French Alps A chilly start to the 2017/18 season, and more snow than this time last year! Val d’Isere, Tignes and some other resorts opened last weekend, luckily, we’d received enough snow for quite a few ski runs to be prepared. Since then, we’ve also had a couple of small top ups of fresh snow (3 to 10 cm), with more […]... Read More