Off Piste Snow and Weather
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 18 – 25 Jan Savoie / ...

More high winds and snowfall ahead! Off-piste snow report: 18 – 25 Jan for Savoie & Northern French Alps Wild weather continues in the N French Alps, with high winds and plenty more snowfall to come! We could see a brief calm and sunny spell next Tuesday/Wednesday. Snow depths are almost unbelievable for this time of the season for much of Savoie and Haute Savoie. No matter what the locals say about it being like this all the time in the past, […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow and Weather: 9 - 15 March
Off Piste Snow and Weather: 9 – 15 March

Much milder for the next few days. Maybe more snow showers from Sunday. Off-piste snow report for 9 – 15 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps This week it’s just kept on and on snowing. There is now a thick layer of recent snow (100 cm +) all over the mountain, lying on top of the older snow. This has been of fantastic quality in the last few days. We’ve been taking it super-cautiously, sticking to low slope angles (below 30°) and not […]... Read More

Snowy March 6th Val d'Isere
High avalanche risk Tuesday 7th March – practical ti...

Risk of avalanche is high or very high on Tuesday There have been two avalanche accidents in Italy in the past 3 days.  See reports here and here.  Meteo France have just issued the bulletin click here and warning for Tuesday 7th March.  The danger rating is forecast to be level 4.         Judging by the continuing snowfall and wind in the resort this evening, the resort could choose to increase the rating to level 5.  they will decide […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 13 January
Off piste snow report and weather – Increased avalan...

A lot of snow, wind & increased avalanche risk! We’re expecting up to 50 cm of fresh snow over the next couple of days in the French N Alps. Clearly the snow dance worked! Off-piste snow report for 12 – 18 January Up to now, small amounts of recent fresh snow (5 cm here and there) have been helping improve the quality of off-piste skiing. There’s been some very nice light snow in sheltered spots and in gullies where it has been blown […]... Read More

Snowy week Off Piste Skiing.  Radio TV Val d Isere video report with Dan Egan