Super Arcelle 4th Feb 2019
Off-Piste Snow and Weather Report 7-13 Feb 2019

For Savoie and Northern French Alps Fantastic skiing available but many people are taking crazy risks, please read On Monday 4th February we picked up reports of 10 people caught in 4 separate accidental slab avalanches (‘accidental’ means they were triggered by people) in Val d’Isère alone. The avalanches took the victims for big, potentially dangerous rides. There were no people taken in natural avalanches. Most of these accidental avalanches were not mad... Read More

Possible snow next week in French Alps

In our snow report published on Thursday 3rd January we mentioned there might be snow on Tuesday night or Wednesday daytime next week but at that point we were not sure because the high pressure systems are still dominant. It now looks likely that the high pressure will give way temporarily and there will be a light snowfall right down to the valley floor in cold weather on Tuesday night and Wednesday daytime. Currently this is predicted to take place with moderate […]... Read More

When’s it going to snow again?

In a nutshell, we are not sure and maybe not for 2 weeks or more in France. Whereas in Austria more snow is expected from Monday The New Year skiers are enjoying fantastic sunshine in the Northern French Alps. We are expecting this to continue into next week. The Jetstream has pushed its way north over the UK and then is streaming down south through Germany and Austria bringing colder weather and snow. This creates an east-west split in the snow with […]... Read More

Off-Piste Snow and Weather

Savoie and northern French Alps The big news is that it is going to get colder and we are expecting significant snowfall over the weekend especially on Sunday. The drop in temperature starts on Friday night and next week we will see freezing levels down at 300 to 800m whereas during this last week the freezing level was much higher between 2000m and 3000m. The weather looks brighter on Tuesday and Wednesday, after that we will enter a prolonged period of unsettled […]... Read More

HAT Off-Piste Snow and Weather Report
Off-Piste Snow and Weather Report

Great off-piste conditions up high! Wait till 8th December for more snow HAT off piste snow and weather report 30 Nov – 8 Dec for Savoie and northern French Alps Expecting some light snow this weekend. This will mainly be above 2200m. Then we expect very mild and warm weather in the middle of next week, with the 0C isotherm moving up to 3000m. Any snow will only fall above 2400m. Then from Friday 7th December, we are optimistic (fingers crossed) for a […]... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather: 12 – 18 April, Savoie / N. French Alps
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 12 – 18 April, Savoie...

Unsettled, particularly near the French/Italian border! Off-piste snow report: 12 – 18 April for Savoie & N French Alps Still waiting for Spring conditions to properly arrive! Normally at this time of year we’re enjoying regular melt-freeze cycles, which bring nice smooth ‘spring snow’ skiing. This year, however, we’re still in transition between cold dry winter snow, and humid to wet spring snow*. When we eventually receive these repeated cy... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather: 5 - 11 April, Savoie / N. French Alps
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 5 – 11 April, Savoie ...

Spring-like conditions starting to appear! Off-piste snow report: 5 – 11 April for Savoie & N French Alps With milder temperatures and some sunshine forecast, we’re optimistic that ‘spring snow’ conditions will come into place in the next few days. The snow’s already beginning to transform on some sunny slopes. We need regular melt/freeze cycles to help create more widespread smooth spring snow conditions, which are so lovely to ski. These cy... Read More

Off Piste Snow & Weather Report
Off Piste Snow & Weather: 29 March – 4 April, S...

Unsettled conditions with snow showers up high! Off-piste snow report: 29 March – 4 April for Savoie & N French Alps Not really spring conditions yet. The unexpectedly long transition into spring continues! In high altitude resorts above 1800 m, we’ve still not started having any significant melt/freeze cycles that we normally experience at this time of year. First thing in the morning there’s still some lovely wintry snow on high altitude slopes above 2... Read More

Snow & Weather Report 22 to 28 March
Off Piste Snow Report & Weather: 22 – 28 March,...

This winter just keeps on giving! Off-piste snow report: 22 – 28 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps Someone suggested we should start publishing reports about spring, spring snow and melt-freeze cycles this week. Normally we would be writing about this in March. However this year is different. We cannot see much sign of spring in the weather forecast. Winter continues. So this report is about winter snow in March. Off-piste snow depths remain the deepest for ... Read More

Off Piste Weather & Snow Report
Off Piste Snow Report & Weather: 8 – 14 March, ...

Milder temperatures and some snowfall up high Off-piste snow report: 8 – 14 March for Savoie & Northern French Alps The quality and quantity of off-piste snow above 1600 m remains great! As we set off first thing, the surface snow is often cold and light. Unfortunately, with rising temperatures over the next few days, it will become more humidified and could be quite crunchy (depending on how much overnight refreeze we get). In wind-affected areas, such as near moun... Read More