Weather and snow outlook, Northern French Alps

The weather in the Alps appears to be entering another unsettled spell for quite a while Unlike recent seasons when the Jetstream stayed either North or South of the Alps, the Jet Stream seems to be running across Central Europe and is forecast to stay that way for as far as we can see. This means that we can expect a sustained spell of unsettled weather. The first half of January now looks like a repeat of Mid December with a series of […]... Read More

Crazy snowy March ahead. Has winter shifted to March?

Off piste snow and weather outlook Apologies for the shortage of weather forecasts in the past month, this was because the patterns were very unpredictable and I was not certain of any predictions.  Without a reliable promise of snow, I felt it better to stay quiet. But that has changed, it started snowing last week and the snow intensified over the weekend.  This morning it is still snowing heavily.  This snowfall started at 1600 Sunday and looks set to continue until Tue... Read More

Off Piste Snow Report 26 January
Off piste snow report and weather – 26 January

A chance of small top-ups of fresh snow! A few windy days ahead, maybe bringing small amounts of snow with them.  Look at our weather forecast for a longer term outlook and possible snow after 3rd February Off-piste snow report – 26 January to 1 February Off-piste skiing is always an adventure. Venture out – you may just get an unexpected bonus! On the Pissaillas glacier this week, we were unexpectedly greeted by 10 cm of fresh snow. We also found pockets of... Read More

When will it snow again?

Remember all the excitement about the early season snow in November. Seems a long way away. Apparently, this is the longest dry period for many years. It has not really snowed since November. However, I can remember 1991 when it was worse! BUT THE WEATHER IS CHANGING The blocking high pressure is starting to decline as evidenced by significant snowfall in Austria and Switzerland over the past 48 hours. There are reports of 40 to 60cm of freshies in the Eastern Alpine [&hellip... Read More

Snow above Val d'Isere 21st Nov 2150m
Off piste weather forecast and snow report

F..F..F..F..Foehn,  Off-piste weather and snow report 23rd to 26th November You may have heard about all that snow that fell in early November.  Well, I am afraid the F..F..Foehn has taken its toll on that snow (apart from above 3000m).  You can see the difference in these two images.  One was from last Friday 18th November and the other is on 23rd November. In our last snow report, we highlighted that we were expecting light snow above 2300m and a lot more snow [&hellip... Read More

Tignes Pisteurs crown crack headwall
Off piste snow report and weather forecast

Snow conditions in the Alps are exceptional for mid-November! This off-piste snow report bodes extremely well for the opening of the winter ski season. The fresh snow looks awesome, and we’ve heard some great reports. No doubt some of you who are already in the alps will be tempted to get your skins out for some pre-season ski touring. Tip 1 of the week We do not agree with some people’s view that you shouldn’t go out on the mountain yet. However, with ... Read More

Ski the Smooth, Tips on Spring Skiing Off Piste (click here or see below)
Ski the Smooth, Tips on Spring Skiing Off Piste (click her...

Weather Forecast (as reported by Météo-France Savoie on 9th April 2014) for Savoie and the N French Alps A high pressure weather system is in place over the N French Alps bringing settled mild, sunny weather to our area.  Wednesday 9th: Tonight: Clear skies. Light refreeze at high altitude with temperatures: -2° at 2000 m, -3° at 3000 m. Thursday 10th: Sunny and mild. +20° in valley bottoms and 0° at 3000 m with moderate N to NW wi... Read More