Photo Thanks to Trevor Godfrey.


A quick off-piste and ski touring TOP TIP is to avoid steep slopes above ‘terrain traps’. During many ski seasons, more than half of avalanche deaths involve ‘terrain traps’. Simply avoiding ‘terrain traps’ below steep slopes is a big first step towards reducing risk towards an acceptable level.

This TOP TIP is a central theme in this short video interview with Henry featuring images and video – 10 minutes. It’s also a great intro to off-piste risk reduction and how to have more fun when you go off-piste.

For a more complete summary of avalanche accident reduction (and how ‘Terrain Traps’ fit into the Accident Reduction Framework introduced in the 10 minute video), here’s also a draft ‘Essentials Talk’ for an online training platform I’m launching this autumn. It will be available for a few more weeks.

Safety is Freedom!