You don’t have to come to our events in order to see Henry’s Avalanche Talks. We have created a series of online presentations that allow you to learn how you can stay safe and have more fun off piste.

Start with the Essentials talk

A series of 4 talks.  Watch Part 1 here for free

Click here to see the rest.  £20 for 6 months unlimited access.

Then move on to the In-depth modules

How and why avalanches trigger – helping you to identify the implications for your decision-making
Where you go and when – where to find the best snow and still stay safe
How you go down or up -route selection make sure you and your group are safe, choose the best line
The Human Factor – why is this the biggest cause of accidents. How we often fail to apply what we know

Click here to see all 4 modules

Also get some avalanche transceiver training

This video offers 20 minutes practical training on how to use your avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe to recover an avalanche victim in under 15 minutes

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