Online Talks

You don’t have to come to our live events in order to see Henry’s Avalanche Talks.  We have created a series of online presentations that allow you to learn more how you can stay safe in the off piste and as a result have much more fun.

Start with the Essentials talk – Part 1 is free

A series of 4 talks. £20 to rent for 6 months.  Watch Part 1 below for free or click here for all the talks

Then move on to the IN DEPTH modules – click here

  • How and why avalanches trigger – helping you to identify the implications for your decision making
  • Where you go and when – where to find the best snow and still stay safe
  • How you go down or up -route selection making sure you and your group are safe on the slope and choose the best line


Avalanche TRANSCEIVER training – click here

Watch this video.  20 minutes practical training on how to use your beeper, shovel and probe to recover an avalanche victim in under 15 minutes

We also have a series of Henry’s Top Tips click here

These are developed from our live broadcasts.  These use material from Hangout with Henry events and cover a range of subjects.  These discuss real examples of situations that arose during the season.  This gives these talks an edge

  • Watch a real avalanche accident and get commentary from Henry and the people involved –click here
  • The Human Factor – why do experts still get caught out in avalanches?
  • Airbags
  • Managing risk in Danger Level rating 2
  • Getting the best from your off-piste guide
  • Making the most of spring snow