The Off Piste Awareness Tour

The Off Piste Awareness Talks

Henry on avalanche awareness tour

Henry’s Avalanche Talk is visiting London,  Glasgow, Tamworth, Manchester, Chelmsford and Chester, spreading the word about staying safe and having fun.





As ORTOVOX is the headline sponsor of the Tour, we also refer to this as the ORTOVOX Off Piste Awareness Tour. The Tour provides two versions of the talks:

The Essentials – a must see talk, full of ‘essential’ information for all off-piste skiers, no matter how experienced you are.
In depth – for those who have already seen the Essentials Talk at least once.

The Essentials – Ride Hard ! Ride Safe

90% of avalanche accidents are triggered by the victim….. So as skiers, since we are responsible for triggering the slide, it is possible to figure out how to avoid this risk. Ride Hard ! Ride Safe is an introductory talk on how to manage these risks and still have fun at the same time. The question skiers always ask us – “is it safe out there?” Our answer is “it depends on….”

  • Where you go and when?
  • How you down or up?
  • If you are well prepared?

Ride Hard Ride Safe ‘The Essentials’ helps you answer these questions.

This provides you with an overview of the issues and opportunities to have more fun. We will help you understand the meaning behind these pictures. How were his friends able to dig him out? Why did this slope release, why did the skier survive unhurt? How did the skiers manage themselves to end up safe in this dangerous environment?
Ride Hard Ride Safe, The Essentials is more than a basic talk. This will equip you to make better decisions. It is suitable for experienced off-piste skiers as well as people new to the sport.

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Covent Garden (London):   Wednesday, 24 October 2018
Tamworth:     Wednesday 31st October 2018
Braehead (Glasgow):    Wednesday 31st October 2018
St Pauls (London):    Monday, 12 November 2018
Manchester:    Wednesday 14th November 2018
Chester:    Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Chelmsford:   Tuesday 27th November 2018
Covent Garden (London):   Wednesday 9th January 2019

Eventbrite - The Essentials (Chester) Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour

In depth – Ride Hard ! Ride Safe

This talk is for those who have seen an Essentials Talk at least once and have experience of off-piste skiing, with a guide or on their own. This talk is not a comprehensive tour of avalanche awareness. It is an in-depth look at one subject: Henry will explore how and why avalanches are triggered. You will get a lot more out of this talk if you attend an Essentials Talk before this event. Or you can watch the on-line version of our Essentials Talk by clicking here.

Click on each location to view full details and book tickets

Covent Garden (London): Thursday, 25th October 2018
Tamworth:  Thursday 1st November 2018
Manchester:   Thursday 15th November 2018
Chelmsford:   Wednesday 28th November 2018
Covent Garden (London):   Thursday 10th January 2019

Eventbrite - The Essentials (Chester) Ortovox Avalanche Awareness Tour


Avalanche Transceiver Training

We are running avalanche transceiver training sessions in Wimbledon, Sandbanks, Bristol and Manchester

HAT wimbledon common transceiver trainingWe would argue that it is a bit impolite to ski off-piste with friends, carry all the safety equipment, but have no training in how to use it.

If you are wearing a transceiver, then that is a good start. If you are caught, your friends will be able to find you which is great. But you should be able to return the favour if they suffer an accident.

We are running training sessions. For details click here or click on the buttons below





Eventbrite - Avalanche Transceiver Training (Sandbanks)  4th November 5th January

Eventbrite - Avalanche Transceiver Training (Manchester)  24th November

Eventbrite - Avalanche Transceiver Training (Wimbledon) Dates in November, December, January, February