In depth Talk 2 – Where and how you go?

Goes in to detail on how to implement the

This in-depth talk builds on the Essentials talk and goes in depth into 

  • Where you go – in other words – Decision Making
  • How you go – in other words – Risk Reduction

Where you go

We discuss how to make decisions about where and when it is safe go into avalanche terrain and other off piste areas. Henry explores these three subjects in more detail.

  • Slope Angle
  • Danger Rating
  • Recent dry slab activity

How you go

We discuss the tactics you can deploy massively reduce your risk of triggering an avalanche and if you do, how you can make sure it is not a disaster you you or anyone else around you. Henry explores

  • Terrain traps
  • Safe distances
  • Safe (r) zones


Henry described this in depth talks

“Here we look at decision making and risk reduction. We offer a more in-depth insight into strategies you can use to to help manage risk. But it’s the reinforcement of applying these strategies and how to deal with the impulsive action ‘traps’, i.e. not applying our experience and knowledge that then leads to accidents, that we explore in all talks”.

Pricing and tickets

The live event talks will cost £17.50 per person with reductions for buying 2 or more tickets.

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There will also be one of these in depth talks delivered on Zoom webinar. This will cost £12.50 and is delivered in two parts on consecutive evenings.


There is a live talk delivered in Ellis Brigham 

Covent Garden      11th November 2021    2000

Zoom webinar version is delivered in two parts.

Part 1   Tuesday, 4th January 2022        1800 – 1900
Part 2   Wednesday, 5th January 2022   1800 – 1900