In a nutshell, we are not sure and maybe not for 2 weeks or more in France. Whereas in Austria more snow is expected from Monday

The New Year skiers are enjoying fantastic sunshine in the Northern French Alps. We are expecting this to continue into next week. The Jetstream has pushed its way north over the UK and then is streaming down south through Germany and Austria bringing colder weather and snow. This creates an east-west split in the snow with colder air and snow in the east and sunny weather and less cold in the west of the Alps.

Earlier weather models showed the high pressure declining and the jetstream moving into a westerly flow in the Alps. But today’s weather models point to the high pressure staying over the French Alps.

Meteo France are pointing out that there may be small disturbance from the NW on Monday 7th January. But they are not sure about that and other models like the GFS say no it will stay sunny next week.

By now off piste skiers will be looking forward to more fresh snow. That last bad weather arrived as rain below 2500m followed by colder sunny weather that froze the waterlogged snowpack below 2300m. So lower slopes are icy. Upper slopes above 2400m have a thin layer of variable powdery snow that can be difficult or pleasurable to ski depending on th wind and the sun crust.

We will update you when we see signs of the next snowstorm arriving.