Henry battled his way out of the apartment today to show us how windy it is in Val d’Isere today. You can see the video here.

We are expecting over 1m of snow in a 48 hour period on top the amazing snowfall we have experienced in this early season period. I expect many of you may be thinking the snow will stop falling soon and setttled weather will resume.  As far as we can see this will not happen. The weather looks set to remain disturbed for the foreseeable future.

Yes there will be a few days in the next 10 days that are calmer and the sun will poke through, but the general indication is for intermittent snowfall right through to 17th January. (at least).

The current Atlantic weather systems will continue until Saturday.  Then the low-pressure systems switch to the Mediterranean creating a different kind of unsettled weather followed by low pressure over Eastern Europe bringing colder weather and storms from both the North East and North West. So all quite messy and hard to be precise.  But expect a more settled day on Saturday 6th and Tuesday Wednesday 9th and 10th and then again on Saturday 13th.  The exact timing of these breaks in the weather is not certain, but for the next 2 weeks it currently looks like 9 unsettled days and 5 more settled days with three breaks in the bad weather.

What I mean by unsettled is a tendency to wind and clouds with regular snowfall interspersed with sunny breaks in the weather.  Next week is much less stormy than this week but Wk C 14th January could through some more stormy weather at us again