Off Piste Snow & Weather: 19 - 25 April, Savoie / N. French Alps
HAT off piste snow & weather report

Great spring snow conditions! HAT off piste snow and weather report 19-25 April for Savoie and northern French Alps It looks like we’re going to have classic spring snow conditions for at least the next few days! This is one of ... Read More

Kendal Mountain Festival
Henry at ORTOVOX Snowsports Session, Kenda...

Henry will be presenting at the ‘ORTOVOX Snowsports Session’, at the Kendal Mountain Festival Saturday evening November 18th. He will be sharing his passion for off-piste through snippets from his Ride Hard, Ride Safe ... Read More

Ellis Brigham Snowfest 2017
London Snowfest 2017 at Ellis Brigham

At HAT we’re all about helping you enjoy your skiing and adventure more. That’s why we’re involved with Ellis Brigham’s ‘Snowfest 2017’ week.  They have plenty happening in their London stores to w... Read More

Amazing day off-piste, off piste group
How to have an amazing day off-piste

You know that some days things seem to work out well and other days nothing goes right.  Understanding why this happens and whether we can do something about it will help us to have an amazing day off-piste, it will also help us avoid... Read More

Louise Forrest Off piste Val disere
Why do we like off-piste?

For some this may seem like a crazy question.  But just in case any of our followers have forgotten why we like the off-piste, here is a taster of what we can expect when the season kicks off... Read More