Not able to attend a talk or course? Check out our on-line info & training!


Thank you to everyone who is interested in a talk and/or an on snow course.

Our courses and talks are almost completely full until this coming autumn. We’ll be posting our 2017-18 schedule in the near future!

In the mean time, we have some excellent on-line courses with great images and videos. Many are free – some you can check out multiple times for a small fee.

The best place to start with is the ‘The Essentials’ Please see this link: This is a great review even for you off-piste experts too – I guarantee you’ll learn something new or at least be reminded of an ‘Essential’ point!

I’ve also attached on this blog post below our framework that you can use as a checklist for having fun and being safe on your next adventure off-piste. It’s a great simple review for you.. and for me.

Thanks again for your interest – it’s my greatest passion!

Smilling Off-piste



Off-piste framework / checklist below