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Hi everyone. Henry here reporting at about five o’clock on Saturday the 30th December here after just getting about 70 to 80 centimetres of fresh snow since yesterday in the last 12 hours in most of the northern French Alps. And so just I want to keep it quite simple. This time around tomorrow it’s going to clear up in the wee hours of the morning and there is going to be some great skiing. Probably the best snow is going to be up above 2500 meters or so because they’re forecasting a little bit of rain even up to about 2200 meters.

Again that’s at least in the in the northern French Alps. So what I’m what I’m expressing concern about and what I’m going to be very particularly careful of is getting carried away and looking at the nice snow that’s going to be out there up higher and higher where the danger rating has been set at four for just about the entire day tomorrow hand. So four meaning there could be some natural avalanches distance triggering so that means you can really slopes on above you even if you’re staying a low angle slopes of 20 degrees 25 degrees if there’s slopes of 30 degrees above you could release them from below.

So I’m saying stay away at least to start with and I think I’m going to be staying away from steep slopes for the whole the whole day tomorrow. So steep slopes above them will be staying away from slopes of 30 degrees and more and more. Pretty much the whole day tomorrow. And keeping it keeping it at that. Now there’s some talk about the danger rating going down below 2500 meters to 3. I’m not convinced because we’re going to be going through the warming spell tomorrow as well the sun is going to come out and hit those south-facing slopes and the lower facing slopes and most importantly at this time of year the temperatures are going to be rising up above zero up to about 2200 2300 meters. That combined with the snow is going to keep it at that initial destabilizing unstable phase before the net resulting stabilising effect of the warming weather.

So I think throughout the day tomorrow weather anywhere you are on the mountain above 2000 meters it’s going to be it’s going to be pretty dodgy as they say. So staying away from 30 degree slopes and more even in and around you. And if you’re going to be experimenting and trying to go out onto those steeper slopes just remember that most of the time or a good amount of the time they might not release but if you get it wrong and it goes the size of the avalanche tomorrow the potential size of a slab avalanche could be crown fractures of 50 60 centimeters up to maybe a meter or more.

And when they get when avalanche slides get that big they are a vicious vicious beast. It’s not like the last few weeks were ok can trigger something of 20 centimetres or more or less. You can ski out of it. There are going to be really big. So my advice for everybody tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day I’ll go for the low hanging fruit first thing in the morning and then if you resist the temptation to go out on a steeper slopes snow probably be much better up higher as it’s going to be caught colder. So that’s that’s got any comments or questions please put them in the comments box at this right next to this live broadcast and

I’ll see you soon. I’m just going to give you an image of of what’s happening around me. All the snow. On the trees. It’s really actually quite beautiful. There’s kids playing around in the snow that’s all the screaming you’ve heard in and around here.

And so it is it’s actually a really really beautiful sight. We have great beautiful day of skiing tomorrow. But just hang out on the on a 30 degree slopes of a 4 in my opinion it’s going to a danger rating for all around in the northern northern French Alps which means natural avalanches you can trigger from a distance and there’s going to be some big big boys that are going to be set off both artificially with explosives triggered by people unfortunately who are taking risk and also there will be some I think some pretty big natural ones even pie where it isn’t all that that cold and the snow is colder. So thanks very much for listening and see you soon here on Facebook.