Henry was out today with the first clients on a new 5 day off piste course with Mark Warner.  Here are Andrew, Max, Michael and Yanna on the slopes with Henry.


Henry explaining the principles of where you go and when to stay safe off piste

The intention of the course is to help skiers who want to go off piste be more confident that they can head into the backcountry and have a great time.  This could be either with friends or with a guide.  Our intention is to open up the world of off piste to more skiers.

The course is aimed at skiers who want to explore further but feel held back a lack of knowledge or lack confidence they can make decisions on where to find the best snow and how to stay safe.  Henry teaches how to apply the HAT off piste checklist and framework.

Off piste checklist - quick reference guide

Off piste safety checklist and quick reference guide

There are also sessions on off piste ski technique and building confidence and security when skiing.  This is about how to apply the foundations of good on piste ski technique and make that work for you in the off piste.  The course provides ample time for some great off piste fun and exploration and adds in some valuable education and training.

In the evenings there are classroom sessions to go through the Ride Hard Ride Safe essentials talk, to discuss questions and issues and a session that goes in depth into how avalanches are triggered and how to avoid them

Henry will also cover the Human Factor

This morning offered great weather and with good visibility, but as I write this, it has started snowing again tonight, so with any luck there will be more fun to be had and more risks to assess in the sessions tomorrow morning.

This is the most comprehensive course we have run at HAT.  You will become much more confident about going off piste.  This will create a new sense of freedom and discovery from your skiing and set you up for many more happy weeks of skiing.

The whole course is bookable through Mark Warner. click here The next programmes are

  • Tignes 26th February
  • Tignes 5th March
  • Val d’Isere 16th April

5 days of teaching, 25 hours of guidance and learning, new found confidence, all for £495