Henry (far left) yesterday with town of Val d’Isère presenting on off-piste safety & risk-management for chalet companies and visitors to the resort

Photo of the team yesterday working with the town of Val d’Isère during a safety and logistics awareness seminar for chalet companies & tour operators. My presentation was on off-piste safety & risk-management. The goal is to increase efficient interaction between the town of Val d’Isère and guests coming from outside of France. A commitment to client safety and wellbeing is a key point in ensuring a successful service from the town and an enjoyable experience for guests of the resort.

HAT is increasingly called upon by companies and other organisations to provide risk management support and solutions in order to optimise their objectives. This kind of ‘corporate’ work is an enjoyable and rewarding addition to the rest of the work we do!

Photo courtesy of Radio Val d’Isère